We All Have At Least ONE Facebook Friend That Does This

by Reception Chronicles

Everyone has at least one Facebook friend who:

  • joins and likes an unhealthy amount of groups and pages such as “I wish I was born a penguin” or “sitting in a field and ripping up grass because there is nothing better to do.”
  • always leaves their Facebook logged in and is repeatedly fraped.  It is usually the same culprit every time because the jokes are never funny.
  • makes sure they are the first person to report the birth of a celebrity baby with a joke about the name, saying RIP to a high profile person they didn’t know, and breaks any major news story.  “7.0 earthquake hit this country, this many people injured. FIRST!”  Congratulations on being first to report bad news.
  • posts an ambiguous quote or lyric. it seems to reflect the mood of the person.  I imagine someone that posts “But I can’t believe that you’d ever care, and this is why you will never care – the smiths” is probably not having a fantastic day
  • constantly posts ‘i’m bored.’  this Debbie Downer helps no one, i am now bored reading this post.

credit: techland.time.com

  • the person only with updates about Farmville, Words with Friends and Bejeweled.  As if this isn’t bad enough, these junkies send everyone invites constantly in order to achieve more points in their game.
  • have no pictures of themselves, only of their kids
  • girls who write about when they will see their boyfriend, how much they love their boyfriend, posts pictures of their boyfriends, funny things their boyfriend said.  So I’m going to step out on a limb here and guess that you have a boyfriend…can’t be sure though so keep reminding me.
  • posts vague messages on their wall such as “I won’t tolerate this anymore!”  How do you respond to that? ‘Totally agree! You shouldn’t tolerate this…thing anymore!’  Let’s just hope they aren’t talking about homosexuality or referring to an anti puppy mill article.  Who looks like the fool now?  Well you both do.  You for agreeing without knowing what it is or the fact that you are now associated with a hater of puppies and a homophobe.

credit: thisisfyf.com

  • plasters your feed with YouTube song videos and writing how much they love it or that it is their song.
  • accounts their day activity from waking up to what they ate for dinner.
  • posts updates throughout a big sports game which is useful sometimes.  Why turn on the TV when you can get a running commentary from a friend?

credit: omgtehmeme.blogspot.com

  • uploads the newest internet memes such as Lolcats, rickrolling and anything from Failblog.