Love Is A Many-Splendored, Complicated, Inconceivable and Incredible Thing

by Reception Chronicles

When thinking about relationships, I sometimes wonder why we do it? Why do we compromise to do things we don’t want to do? Why do we put up with those small annoyances? Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to be single again. No compromises, no fighting and no more time wasted on deciding where to go for dinner. So it makes me think why do we do it?

I was pondering this thought over the weekend when we were deciding what to do for the day. Saturday always screams out shopping, lazing around and maybe some roller skating. Little did I know my speed demon fella Mr James already had plans in his head and tried to convince me into driving out to the desert to a motor bike and kart racing track in order to see what it was like and do something different. I’ve been with him long enough to realize that means ‘I want to go out to the speed track and I have no intention of just checking it out. I want to speed around the track myself even though there is nothing for you to do there.’

So what does any girl do in this situation? Hiss an Okay through your teeth and drag your feet all the way to the car. After a drive into the sandy desert and witnessing a car accident on the way, I slumped into my seat and dreamed about the mall. We arrived at this speed track in the middle of no where and walked around watching go karts zip around the track. Judging by some of the riders and their trucks full of equipment, I realized this is a passion for these people. It only took ten minutes for Mr James to scurry into the pro shop and rent a kart. I glanced out the pro shop window to see the wind picking up as he paid and signed waivers declaring if you break your neck or a tire of the kart flies off, rockets into the bleachers and disfigures your girlfriend, we will not be held responsible. As he prepared to hit the track, I walked around taking pictures and found myself in the middle of a sand storm as the cars sped by and the strong winds increased while the buzzing of the karts filled my ears. I suddenly felt like Hunter S Thompson lost among the Mint 400 chaos.

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As I scrambled onto the bleachers and waited for the sand to settle, I thought why the hell do I do this? The race ended and Mr James came in first by a long shot. He climbed out of the kart and pridefully strutted over to the bleachers. Nothing at that exact moment could have killed his excitement and happiness he felt as he smiled and gave me a kiss. That’s when it hit me. This is the reason we do it.

No matter how much I don’t get my way or if something is unfair, you do it to make the other person happy. The desert kart sand storm was not my ideal moment but the fact that he had a great day and the happiness he got out of it made me happy. I realize I need to be a little less selfish and a little more selfless. The great thing about this is it goes both ways.

I admit I nag and complain to him on many occasions even though the look on his face means ‘I just came back from a long day at work and you are sounding like a World War II air raid siren.’ I get my way on the weekends and drag him through places he doesn’t want to be and make him try food that he doesn’t want to eat and at the end of the day he must wonder why do I put up with this? Even through money problems, he took me out to dinner and put in the extra hours at work. He worked every day for 10 hours a day for two months to buy me a beautiful engagement ring that any girl would love to wear. His pay off for his hard work? Watching me jump up and down with the happiest smile of my life, ripping it out of the small box, shoving it onto my chubby finger and holding it out to watch it sparkle. He got to make my dream since I was eight come true. That’s why he did it.

He has told me this thought before. He said even though sometimes I irritate him, I am the girl that took care of him during a weekend of food poisoning. The girl that stayed up all night having to endure the horrid sights and sounds, the one that took him to the hospital, and the girl that searched for all the remedies to make him feel better.

You are together for the best of times and you stick together through the bad times. As I sat there with sand in my eyes and him showing me his lap times with excitement, I remember why we do it. You realize they drive me crazy…but I can’t live without them.

Our relationships are the same as those motor bikes and go karts. There will be some wipe outs and tough corners but when you are cruising, it is one hell of a ride. Even though it was not my ideal Saturday, it was worth it…unless that tire did hurdle into the crowd. This would be an entirely different story.