10 Popular Ways To Pose For Facebook Pictures

by Reception Chronicles

1. Duck face – Duck face seems to be virally contagious and not in a positive way but more of a bird flu epidemic type of manner.  It also appears that the more you pout your lips, the more attractive you become.  To achieve an admirable duck face, attempt to touch your nose with the top of your lip.  You will be shocked on how you have transformed into one quackin beauty!

courtesy of sodahead.com

2. Jumping – Jumping in a picture is like upgrading a smile.  They are usually taken on beaches or infront of famous monuments or buildings.  It roughly translates to ‘I am just so excited to be at the edge of a cliff, can’t you tell?’

3. Middle Finger– Giving the middle finger seems to be a popular trend in order to portray the idea that, like the honey badger, you just don’t care.  While it is more appropriate to be used on the road, youngsters seem to be flipping the bird all over Facebook.  When I see a young teenage girl giving the middle finger in a Facebook picture, of course the first thing that pops into my mind is ‘Oh my days I would not want to mess with that crazy animal!”  Just keep believing it makes you look cool…very cool.

4. Photoshop overboard – Many individuals like to get artsy and go nutty with the color and contrast.  It can look nice at times but when taken to the extreme,  the only thing visible is eyebrows, a Voldemort nose, floating eyes and a semblance of hair.  It is a good method to cover any imperfections or if you are like me it helps to hide double chins.

5. Bunny Ears – Whenever I see a picture of someone making bunny ears, I automatically think ‘wow where did that person go because now I just see a bunny.’  You do realize if bunnies could talk, they would not be happy.

6. Lead Head – This is popular trend among young women.  To achieve lead head, you pretend your head is full of lead and lean it to the side.  In order to help with the weight, you put your hand on your hip and try to rest your head on your shoulder.  Ooooh you so haaawt now! 😉

7. Shirt Grab– I have heard this is supposed to make you look cooler than comprehension but in all honesty it looks like you are airing out your B.O.

8. Gang Signs -You have ten fingers so the variety of gang signs out there is a creative space for us all.  Out of all the gang signs I see on Facebook, 99% of them make no sense or have any relation to any organization or actual gang.  It is turning into a form of expressive art so keep going with those Unicorn hands youngsters!

9. Bathroom shot – There is nothing beautiful about a bathroom so please stop posing in them.  A hot pose with a toilet in the background doesn’t add up.

10. Peace sign – Yes, thank you.  We all know that you like peace because you flash it in a photo.  Of course the rest of us hate peace and wish for evil and violence to conquer the world.  But thank you again for reminding us that we should like peace…or that we should still like the Spice Girls.

Courtesy of forevertwentysomethings.com