Public Service Announcement: Don’t Propose To Your Girlfriend At A Sport’s Game

by Reception Chronicles

As women, we love to reserve the right to say that our lives are more difficult than men.  Periods, child birth, equal rights, waxing, wearing heels, keeping fit, wrinkles, sagging and so on. We love to complain.  While it does seem that men have it easier, there is one thing that makes me so happy that I am a woman.

Men have to propose.

Think about it and break down a proposal.  We may have it rough ladies but nothing can compare to this obstacle men must face and the tragedy if they are turned down.

There are three terrifying steps in this process and the first is a buying a ring.  Every time I see a guy browsing through engagement rings at a jewelry store I feel so bad for them.  They maintain a sense of calm but while they are being bombarded by sales people and pretending to know the difference between a princess and emerald cut, they are thinking in their head “if I get this wrong, she is going to accuse me of not listening or knowing her enough.  Not to mention it will be evidence that she will carry for the rest of our lives that I don’t listen to her.”  After being schmoozed around the store and being talked into a diamond way more expensive than he intended, you watch as the poor guy walks out of the store dazed with a small Pandora’s box of a bag.

The second step is picking out the place and time until E-Day.  There are so many options but be warned that some may turn catastrophic.  Overall there are two basic options: In private or in the public arena.  My guy knows my personality pretty well in the aspect that I don’t like attracting attention in public.  So when he proposed, he did it in the middle of the mountains in a national park in Ireland with no one in sight.  It was an agoraphobic’s dream of a proposal and I loved it.  It also gave me the opportunity to jump around like an ecstatic gerbil and take in the amazing moment without judgment from people…otherwise known as “haterz.” Know your woman well or else this choice could really backfire.

The last step is of course the proposal.  I cannot imagine the anxiety and pure terror that is swirling around in a guys head this day.  It is the one moment in their life when they giving up complete control and putt everything on the line and hopefully for all you fellas out there, it works out.  The devastation of a “no” is something I cannot imagine and would not wish on any person.

My main word of advice: do NOT propose in front of thousands of people at a sports game or event.  Not only are you crushed if she says no, you are now the biggest loser in a group of thousands and get to cherish the moment because it was all captured on camera.  Do you really want thousands of people to feel sorry for you at one time? I can’t imagine the degree of pathetic loser that must feel like but you took the risk.  Not only that but you involve everyone in your embarrassing incident.  Do you ever watch someone doing something ridiculous and you actually feel embarrassed just watching?  Remember that you are taking the whole ship down with you in this stunt.  But hey some girls like the attention.  I know if it was me I wouldn’t get a chance to say anything because I would be in cardiac arrest.

You hear stories that some individuals (not going to say people because I don’t think you can classify them as people in this situation) do this as a publicity stunt.  Are we as a society seriously this bored these days?  Whatever happened to going to the movies or to a nice dinner? Apparently it’s a new era and we get our kicks by faking proposals at sporting events.  I blame YouTube.

On the other hand, you can view it as a Public Service Announcement to warn men out there.  If you do this, this is how horrible it may backfire.  Oh how it will backfire.

Video courtesy of theToshpoint: