The Secret To A Happy Marriage

by Reception Chronicles

Alright, what is it?  Somebody must know what it is.  I have embarked down this road and will be soon getting married.  For some reason, I think marriage makes a relationship better and stronger but when I look at the reality of it, a huge percentage of people that I know are divorced, their parents are divorced, their sisters, brothers, cousins, dogs…I mean come on.

The only marriages that I have seen that have survived are ones that accept that there will be tough times ahead and there is going to have to be a compromise along the road.  The marriages that I have seen that have ended in divorce started with the idea that love will conquer all and there will be no fighting throughout the years. Those divorces make the Hindenburg disaster look like a minor incident.

So what is all the hype about getting married then? Is it the fancy wedding? The gifts you will receive? Getting credit at a mattress store?  It seems like false advertising into a happy life.  I would love to believe that marriage will make my life happier and find out that the idea of constantly living in a honeymoon phase can be possible.

It is difficult to see the positives when surrounded by such negative and skeptical people who only want to talk about the bad sides of being married.  If this group of divorcees and negative married people were a country, they would be South Africa and I, Lesotho, am landlocked.  Through all this worry about getting married, I am hoping that someone carries a beacon of light and tells me that it is great and is worth the adventure.

I will never understand why some things seem so easy in life and end up being the most difficult and yet some of the most difficult things you face in life end up being the easiest.  If you know the secret, please let us all know.  I want my ending to be Cinderella, not War of the Roses.