Affects of Alcohol in Daily Situations

by Reception Chronicles

It is one thing to enjoy an experience in a sober state of mind yet with the addition of alcohol, a mundane daily situation can become something totally different.  Whether it’s sitting at home alone to a Christmas Party.  Let’s explore.

A Bowling Alley

  • Without alcohol – a fun way to get minimal exercise, spend time with family and friends, avoid the food court and celebrate strikes in an appropriate manner.
  • With alcohol – the need to form a team to compete professionally, an overdose of verbal commitments that this will become a weekly event, accuse the next lane of stealing your ball, stuff your face with nachos and hot dogs at the food court and pay the price in the morning, impaired vision resulting in seeing two lanes resulting in misfired bowling balls, emotional hugs and high fives after a strike, exclaiming at least once that this is the best night of your life.

Riding on a Plane

  • Without Alcohol- Spend the flight reading, watching the in flight entertainment, trying to take a nap, speaking to the person next to you, hating the person next to you, bored out of your mind, being nervous during turbulence
  • With Alcohol- A reason to celebrate, sharing personal stories and annoying the bejesus out of the person next to you, passing out, stumbling to the bathroom every ten minutes, possible early hangover, dancing to music, marveling at the fact that you are flying through the air and once again sharing it to the person next to you.


  • Without Alcohol- An enjoyable day with family and friends, reminiscing about being young, pay way too much for food and drinks, waiting in lines for over an hour for a three minute ride.
  • With Alcohol- Wait lines for rides seem like mere minutes, forming a group of friends around you in line, hit on Mickey/Minnie mouse, not having to reminisce about being young because you are acting young, assaulting a dressed up Disney character, spending an obscene amount of money on food, exclaiming at one point that it is the best day of your life.

Las Vegas

  • Without Alcohol – Sitting by the pool, walking through hotels, shopping.
  • With Alcohol – No one will ever know

The Beach

  • Without Alcohol- A day spent getting sun, surf and eating.  Start conversations with neighboring beach goers, being mindful of the sun
  • With Alcohol- Becoming the red faced idiot with a drink in your hand that everyone avoids, passing out in the sand resulting in third degree burns, risking someone using sun lotion as graffiti on your back while you are passed out, a swim that will most likely end with a lifeguard present.

Cruise Vacation

  • Without Alcohol – A great way to travel, see new places, relax in the sun by the pool, take part in cruise activities, make friends.
  • With Alcohol- a great way to pass time on the high seas, playing ping pong at 2 in the afternoon with a drink in one hand and one eye closed, taking part in cruise activities with great enthusiasm, making best friends with other drunk people, making bad decisions then waking up in the morning realizing you have to spend 6 more days trapped on a boat with these same people. Awkward.

Home Alone

  • Without Alcohol – watch a movie, eat some dinner, go to sleep with a hidden worry of someone breaking in.
  • With Alcohol – Blast music so the next town can hear it, sing at the top of your lungs around different rooms, go to sleep mumbling something about intruders and they don’t know what you are capable of.

Blind Date

  • Without Alcohol – an extremely awkward encounter, a majority of time spent in silence, thinking in your head that it is going great or it is a train wreck, ending the night in a cliff hanger tone.
  • With Alcohol –very personable, share too much information, develop beer goggles, risk insulting the other person, ending the night with regrets

A Quiet Night

  • Without Alcohol – movie or games with friends, eating comfort food, falling asleep early
  • With Alcohol – ends up being one the most crazy and fun nights of your life.