Bruce Wayne in the Week, Batman at the weekend

by Reception Chronicles

During the week, I do the 9 to 5 which is absolute sham of an expression. It’s more like 7am-5 so I guess that just makes Dolly Parton an appalling deceiver…she deceives people.  Anyway I tend to my job during its highs and lows and its moments of paralyzing boredom to eye opening epiphanies.  I am a receptionist monday morning to friday afternoon yet when those doors lock and the office lights are put to sleep, I search the skies to see my glowing bat signal which means only one thing. The weekend is here.

I kick off my cheap Target pleather heels, squeeze out of my black dress pants, and cast away my casu-formal office shirt.  It’s time to get my bat suit on which of course includes sequence and begin my two day vacation from the 7 to 5.  Depending on my mood, my weekends range from lazing on the couch to rollerblading to wandering off and finding myself in amazing places.  This is a chronicle of office life and a view into the world of reception yet if your like me, you gotta love the weekend.

This weekend I decided to have an adventure even though I suffered a slight trauma earlier in the week.  I dont know exactly how it happened but I’m guessing I operate mouth wash aggressively because it got in my eye but hey it’s glass half full time. I shall have a pirate themed weekend with this constant eye squinting.  Friday night I went to dinner with James (I’m not a fan of the word fiance.  I feel like a fool saying it so lets stay on a name basis and leave out the fancy schmancy)  and parents.  My father just returned from New York so a bit of family time was in order.  Little did we know, the restaurant seemed to be hosting a party and by looking at the attending crowd, the flyer must have gone a little something like this:

“Cocktail Lounge Party Friday 8pm-2am.  The attire: turn the lights out and squeeze yourself into a dress four sizes to small.”

They also seemed to hire a photographer for the event and the job description must have been “take pictures of a party  while pretending to be a lamp” because this woman sat in the corner of the restaurant and did not move the entire night.  She could be on to something…fly on the wall avant garde photography…or she was just plain lazy.  I began to feel left out in this restaurant/bakery of muffin tops and bread backs.  Regardless, it was nice to spend time with family.

Saturday feels like a music day. James and I drove to pick up Randy, the office IT guy.  The guy knows everything there is to know about his job without a nerd vibe and happens to have similar taste in music.  He understands the level of brilliant insanity that occurs within the office but unlike me, he can leave.  We travelled down to San Diego for the 91x Wrex the Halls show to see Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (aka Noel Gallagher’s Oasis Tribute Band featuring Noel Gallagher and a hint of misery), Death Cab for Cutie and Florence and the Machine.  There really is no point saying it since it is obvious.  It was amazing.  The night started with a line around the building so instead we take the lesser of two evils and walk to the nearby chilis to drink amongst kings of outer San Diego.

After the lines died down, we shuffled into the venue and into our seats.  Of course you get the very clever individuals that play stupid when you point out they are in your seats. It’s just embarrassing to watch. “Oooh these are your seats? Sorry it was an easy mistake, I guess I’ll get up and find my seat three levels above.”  Sad.  Noel Gallagher’s band just made me feel sorry for the guy.  The crowd waited impatiently as he belted out his new music and then went crazy when he played some Oasis hits.  I love Death Cab but when I heard they were on the bill, I wondered if it would be a downer. Randy commented appropriately by saying “they might as well hand out razor blades at the entrance” yet surprisingly they played an amazing upbeat set.  Next on was the one and only Florence.  It’s difficult to describe in words how amazing she is live but just take my word for it.  Even though we were in seats, that never stops me from jumping around my seat and making whimsical tai chi movements to her songs.  A concert without dancing is useless.  Easy terms: A sitter downer is a Debbie Downer.

After the show, we headed to the after party hosted by West Coast Club Life which was a fusion of skeletons, neon lights, drum and bass, etc.  It was something along the lines of a cocktail party on acid with the undead.  The fashion show during the party was pretty intense yet it gave me an opportunity to mess around with photography while James and Randy got to enjoy a show of pretty ladies in swimwear.  Art and Photography for me, boobs and bums for the boys.  A happy medium.


We left the after party around 1 am and there is only one thing to do at 1am on a crazy Saturday night.  Head into Denny’s (which carried a slight fear and loathing vibe), eat deep fried goodness among many unique individuals and reflect on the events on the evening into the early hours of the morning.  If you are lucky, you meet a few people that have a fantastic grip of what they think is reality but is just pure crazy talk.  There is no better feeling than crawling into bed after a crazy night.  With great music swirling in my head and impending Denny’s stomach cramps whirling in my body, I went to sleep with a smile.

I don’t know how I feel about Sundays.  It’s like the day you spend with someone before they leave for the airport. It’s bittersweet.  I am in the process of my weekend wind down by watching but not listening to the news and contemplating a skate.  High point of the day is someone called from craigslist to buy our Full Inversion Health Table.  My mother spoke to the enquiring individual since my dad blew the sale last time by describing it as a pleather table on the phone to the previous person.  Fingers crossed this time.

As the sun begins to sink, I retire my bat suit back into the closet and lay out my clothes for work.  The bat signal no longer shines in the sky and reality begins to settle in.  Even though it is a sad to prepare to enter back into the work arena, I only think of one thing….

Five more days til Friday…